Lead with IBM – Students for a Smarter Planet Challenge

Posted by Magda on 30 grudnia 2013

Dear Student,

Student Competitions would like to invite You to participate in a challenge presented by IBM: Lead with IBM – Students for a Smarter Planet. We want to hear your ideas on how to make the world a smarter planet. carcasa para iphone 7 plus resistente al agua Each participant will be awarded with a t-shirt, carcasa para samsung galaxy a5 an exclusive event invitation, iphone 6 carcasa negra networking with IBM and possible job opportunities.

Imagine a world where electrical grids deliver 100% of their energy, carcasa iphone 8 cuero we travel without wasting gas, carcasa metal iphone 6 plus batman distribution keeps productivity high, financial systems are secure, and everyone everywhere has safe drinking water.
What can you imagine to build a smarter planet?

How do I participate?

Sign up at http://poland.smarterplanetchallenge.com/ You participate by solving a small case, where you will choose an issue you would like to resolve in order to make the world a smarter place. carcasa iphone 6s tpu silicona To solve the case, you will be asked to submit a short video illustrating and explaining your solution.



31 May,

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